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Why Anka

Quality frames usually don’t have margins this good.

Quality frames usually don’t have margins this good. 

While it is true that more frame suppliers are building their products with quality in mind, only Anka knows about good pricing.

We’ve built the types of frames that your customers want. In addition, we sell them to you at prices that are easy on your finances.  You will end up making great profits off our durable frames.

The Anka Eyewear Guarantee:

Your customers will never have to worry about breaking their glasses. Our frames are tough enough to withstand any challenge.

Our stylish eye frames are priced to perfection. Your margins will soar along with your customers’ hearts.

We provide guaranteed delivery dates on every order placed. Your customers deserve trust and so should you.

Every pair of Anka eye frames are backed by a standard one year warranty, no questions asked. Our warranty covers any defects and issues that you may have with our products. We always offer help and support through our customer service as well.

Looking to personalize your frames? Customize your frames with your logo, decals, and any other designs you want to feature on our glasses.

Our company started in Wenzhou, a city known for eyeglass frames. We are proud of our humble beginnings and use that knowledge to bring you durable frames at a low cost.