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Anka Eyewear leaps onto the scene at OPTOFAIR!

Anka Eyewear is coming to the BCDO 2020 Annual Conference & OPTOFAIR in Vancouver on February 29! We feel that the OPTOFAIR will help us show off our new showroom. With our new showroom in Burnaby, we can provide better service to BC doctors. This means we can answer your questions and requests much closer to your office. We will also be promoting our willingness to do private logos along with our own Anka house brand. Private logos are a good way for us to help local businesses grow. Businesses that do private logos cut out the middleman and pass the savings onto their customers. In-house brands are aimed at customers with different lifestyles and personalities than mainstream brands.  Private logos also encourage brand loyalty, which makes the customers come back to you again and again.  It is no wonder that Anka Eyewear chooses to do private logos for quality eyeglass frames. We even operate our own frame factory in China thus our frames are factory priced.  We hope to see you at OPTOFAIR this year! We will be at Booth #32. OPTOFAIR only lasts for three hours so come quickly!