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We Will Be Seeing You at Vision Expo East!

Anka Eyewear is pleased to announce their appearance at Vision Expo East from March 22-24 2019!  Vision Expo East, located in New York City, is home to many hours of education and commerce for professionals in the field of optometry. Our team will be showcasing our finest products, including some never before seen frames from China.

We want Anka Eyewear to have a stronger foothold on North American shores, and an expo in one of the North America’s biggest cities seems like a great place to start. We hope to take this opportunity to learn and network with professionals like you. What do your customers look for in a pair of eyeglasses from China?

Above all, we want to establish a relationship with the North American market as a good Chinese frame supplier. We have attended many international shows over the years and we are always learning new ideas.  Frames from China are of a good quality nowadays, but Anka Eyewear wants to prove that a Chinese frame factory can still make quality frames at margin friendly prices. That’s why new customers get free sea shipping when they order at our upcoming show.

We want to target distributors, large retail stores, and wholesalers with our deals.  As stated before, new customers get free sea shipping when they order at our shows. Our products featured at our show are designed with western fashions in mind. That is why we have chosen Vancouver Canada to be our western headquarters. Vancouver has a large number of immigrants from Asia. As a result, the city is a perfect blend of eastern and western styles. It matches with our style and philosophy, does it not? We hope that our frames from China will charm your hearts in the sprawling metropolis that is New York City. Our hearts are both excited and nervous with anticipation as we get closer to that big Vision Expo weekend. Our booth will be 2712. We hope to see you there!