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About Us

A business built on lifelong friendships — Anka Eyewear It all started in Shanghai, where the founders of Anka Eyewear all attended Tongji University. However…

A business built on lifelong friendships

— Anka Eyewear

It all started in Shanghai, where the founders of Anka Eyewear all attended Tongji University.

However in Wenzhou their passion for business became a reality. Dismayed by the selection of eyewear available at the time, an interest flourished to make quality attractive eyewear accessible to all. Driven to start their own business in

a city famous for manufacturing eyeglass frames, the team decided to begin their journey to provide the best quality glasses for everyone.

Today that same team is still together and just as committed to their original goal. We want to develop modern stylish frames that merge the unique tastes of eastern and western consumers.

Meet The Team That Makes It Happen

Here at Anka Eyewear, our friendly team works hard to make you fall in love with our frames.

Applied Artistic Director and Creative Designer

Coco Xiang

Coco Xiang is the artistic talent behind all the designs that make Anka what it is. Upon graduating from Tongji University’s Department of Architecture, she completed her education at the California College of Arts. She has worked extensively in eyewear. Coco regularly attends industry design expos to be able to deliver cutting-edge products for you. Her designs are inspired by today’s fashion trends and tailored to the distinct personalities of your customers.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Peter Wang

Peter Wang is the reason why Anka is known for its top quality eye frames. With over 10 years of experience in quality control, he understands what it means to deliver on quality. He’s involved in every part of the production process, from manufacturing to the final sale. He works hard to ensure that every pair of glasses is up to the Anka standard.

Sales and Customer Care Manager

Rock Wang

Rock Wang brings the necessary business experience to the table. With a degree in international trade, Rock knows how to get the best deals and pass those savings on to you. Rock was originally our Production Manager before he accepted a position as our Sales Manager.

Sales and Customer Care

Ying Yi Xu

Li Xu is an accomplished accountant and a master of everything customer service. She holds an accounting degree and knows how to cut costs, but she is more than just a number cruncher. Having worked as a Human Resource Manager, she knows what it takes to provide a positive customer experience.

Sales and Customer Care

Cemil Ozturk

Cemil Ozturk was an optical store owner in Istanbul long before he came to China. Cemil has always been a valuable member of our team and he brings the relevant industry experience that our company needs to succeed in the competitive eyeglasses market.His background in  retail means that his finger is on the pulse of customers’ needs and wants. In addition, Cemil’s ideas also help Anka appeal to western customers. He is, in a sense, our bridge between east and west.